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Honest Conversations

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

The goal of this website is to provide a forum for everyone just tired of all the BS and wants to have an honest conversation on what really matters.

For far too long we have been fed a narrative by society, the media and “experts” of how we should think, act, feel and even present ourselves. Even before we form a social consciousness, we have been bombarded of what we should do to be “normal” or “what is politically correct”. Think statutory days…Valentines, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New year, Christmas and so on. Have you ever wondered why we need to celebrate those days? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for remembering and reflecting on the significance of those days. What I am questioning is the materialism that comes with those days. Think the pressure of giving presents. Think of having a date or having a significant other on those days. Why must we be sad or lonely if we don’t have a date? Why must we give presents ONLY on those dates? Why must we only connect with family and friends on those days? What happened to the other days of the year? Must we only remember family and friends on those days?

How about schools? Did you know that schools were invented a long time ago to train soldiers? Schools were built with one premise in mind, to make sure people get trained in following the rules. Again, don’t get me wrong. I am fond of school. In fact, one of my best memories are in school settings. I even studied up to my master’s degree, so I have put in the time and paid my dues. What I am questioning is the instructions being taught in school. The curriculum. Have you ever wondered why in schools, there is no subject or course on happiness? Or on how to succeed in life? Or how to integrate and apply all the skills and learning learnt from school? How about subjects in taxes in high school? Schools have all the other “academic” subjects, but don’t you think they are lacking the essential subjects? For far too long we have been taught a certain path to success… go to school up to High School or even College or University if you want more success. Graduate from school… find a job… work hard to succeed… marry the prettiest/most handsome person… have a family… not so much, not so few…maybe 2-3 kids… get a house… get a nice car… get promotions... win adulations from peers, family and friends…then retire happy. Everyone else are outliers or losers. Have you ever questioned why? Why do we need to follow such pattern?

This is the kind of conversations I hope wecan have in this site. I encourage dissenting opinions. There is only one rule – Don’t disrespect another in expressing your point of view. We can all have a healthy debate and even agree to disagree. Don’t you think it is high time for all of us to have an honest conversation?

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