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Life Changing Choices And Habits That Schools Should Have Taught Us to be Happy and

Think back to a time when you were truly happy; that one moment of pure bliss when your heart was full and everything was right. For many people, it might mean thinking back to their childhood or a former love. The point is we have all experienced happiness at some point in our lives. However, somewhere along the way, we get lost in daily life; we forget what happiness is.

Mary had a wonderful life. She got an excellent job right out of college, met a great guy got married, and had three wonderful kids. However, despite having all this, Mary still felt empty and alone. Dylan was always a hard worker; he was employee of the month most of the year. His boss loved him; however, his girlfriend left him because he never seemed to have time for her. The sad thing about it is he worked so hard because he wanted to provide a good life for her. He even wanted to propose. Now, after a long day, he goes home to an empty house and a microwave dinner.